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Our Core Value: our core value is developing the true value of gravity casting, always in pursuit of excellence and seeing gravity casting as arts. By doing so, we wish to present our customers the best and the most sophisticated products.

Introduction of Zon Hen:

Zon Hen Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1995. We are professional and specialized in gravity casting with over 30years experience. The founder of Zon Hen, Mr. Chao Kuang Ku, insists on making technological innovations to research and improve casting machines. We are also dedicated in producing better procedures with professional casting technology and developing new know-how to meet customers' demands.

Creating a new style of gravity casting and raising the recognition of Zon Hen in the international market have always been our goals.We always emphasize the importance of 'Quality, Technical skill & Service' and do our best to satisfy our customers. Zon Hen has earned positive affirmations and satisfaction in our products from our customers all the time. If you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer or partner, we believe we will be your best choice. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Subsidiaries and Affiliated companies:

  • Subsidiaries:Da-Sheng Industry Co.,Ltd. ; Mao-Chun Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • Affiliated companies:Fuzhou Hua-Xuan Machinery Co.,Ltd. ; Fuzhou Alance Machines Co.,Ltd.


  • Tooling
  • Professional aluminium alloy gravity casting
  • Gravity casting machines
  • Machining